Congregational Leadership

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Congregational Leadership

There are many opportunities available for you to become involved in the ministry of First Christian Church. We feel that every member is a minister and that we each share in the responsibilities of the church. We all have talents and spiritual gifts to share, and there are opportunities for us to do so. If you are interested in a certain area of involvement or have a special talent to share, please see our "Serve" page.  Also you can communicate your interest to our ministers, our church staff, or the church office. We will be glad to talk with you to help you find an area of ministry that fits you and your abilities.



Evangelism- plan and implement special evangelistic events; train members to become more effective evangelists; support and participate in ecumenical evangelistic efforts in the community.

Worship- responsible for the church’s worship services (ushers, greeters, preparation and serving, special decorations), baptismal services, and communion; supervision of religious drama; recruit/train worship leaders.

Christian Education- administer/supervise the educational program; develop educational programming consistent with the church’s purposes; facilitate use of the library and audiovisual resources; participate in /promote ecumenical educational opportunities.

Youth- assist the Youth Leaders and ministers in planning and carrying out the Youth Program and activities of the youth.

Stewardship and Finance- stimulate interest and participation in the church’s stewardship ministry; promote various aspects of Christian stewardship (family budgeting, Christian wills, tithing, etc.); develop a balanced budget; review the church’s total financial program.

Membership- promote fellowship through general church social and fellowship functions; induct new members into the church’s fellowship and activities; facilitate communication of the member’s needs/desires to church staff; update membership list at least yearly; noting active vs. inactive members, births/deaths/transfers.

Publicity- develop liaison with local news media to facilitate future publicity needs; work with senior minister and board chair to develop monthly calendar of events; assist in publication of Courier as needed.

Outreach- educate the congregation and others about this church’s mission as it relates to others outside our church family; promote activities which support the outreach ministries of the Christian Church; participate in ecumenical outreach opportunities (Open Concern, Habitat for Humanity, etc.) see outreach/community page for more info