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Ed Worley signs contract with Trustees Mary Jane Ginter and Milt Ward to serve as Construction ManagerFirst Christian Church, Richmond, is beginning to live into its most exciting and important months of many decades.  On May 9, 2012, the congregation gathered to determine whether it felt God’s call to accomplish a great milestone in its life:  the replacement of its current Education Building which has served the congregation well since 1953 with a nearly twenty thousand office, education, nursery, fellowship and community building.  With more than 200 members present, the decision was unanimous to proceed in building a dream that will hopefully, serve our congregation and community for six decades.  The Capital Building Committee asked the congregation what it felt would serve it and the community best. 

Ed Worley signs contract with Trustees Mary Jane Ginter and Milt Ward to serve as Construction Manager.Here are the results: 

v  Making our facilities more accessible to everyone;

v  Renovating or rebuilding our education building;

v  Renovating or rebuilding our kitchen;

v  Having more attractive and convenient restrooms;

v  Our HVAC systems need to be more energy efficient;

v  We need a new nursery which will be convenient, safe and attractive;

v  Creating an office complex that is conveniently located;

v  Providing spaces for our community to meet.


As of May 25, 2012, the progress is this:

  • John Davidson and the Finance Team are working on finance options;

  • Susan Willis and the Relocation Team are clearing out Educationng Survey work is being done;

  • Utility companies are working with us to relocate necessary services;

  • And the work begins!Integrity Architecture is working on schematic drawings and initiating contact with local review authorities;

  • Geological Survey is complete, awaiting results;

  • Ed Worley is meeting with every imaginable kind of engineering firm.