Worship Schedule and Style

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Worship Schedule and Style

At First Christian Church, we recognize that not every one worships God in the same manner. As much as possible, we try to diversify our times and styles so as to best meet the needs of our congregants. The church is growing. This growth will bring continued change. Share a moment with us as we share a moment with God. All times listed are on Sunday mornings and do not include the many special worship experiences we offer through the year.

8:30 am: Our early service is a very toned down one. Dress is casual—whatever casual means to you—as is the attitude discovered. There is a “folksy” feel about it, almost like a small country church nestled in a large sanctuary. We rest the organ; roll out the piano, and sing with real love. Each week a member of our congregation leads the service. We end this service with a gathering in the aisles, embracing each other’s hands as we send each other home with a smile on our face.

10:40 am: More traditional in style, our warm and welcoming mid-morning service is truly an experience in the beautiful. Let the power of the organ massage your soul. Smile at the responses of our children during “special moments”. Open your heart as we share in the meal of the one we follow. Bask in the flood of color streaming from the stained glass, a constant reminder of the color rich beauty of Creation. There is no dress code. Thus, a person’s dress is merely an expression of THEIR personal style and not a mandate from God.

We invite you to grow with us as we grow in the many dynamic ways God relates to the world.