Disaster Response Team

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The group first met on June 25, 2009, to explore opportunities and begin organizing for responding to emergencies in our community and beyond. (THIS PROPOSAL WAS PRESENTED TO OUR LEADERSHIP COUNCIL AND BOARD AND WAS APPROVED BY BOTH.)  We explored the following possibilities and prioritized the order in which we would begin to develop our congregation’s role:

1)       KITS/SUPPLIES - The team would lead our congregation in gathering items for compiling kits, both for storing at the church and for sharing through Church World Service.  Such kits would include:

a)       Hygiene Kit (with such items as hand towels, washcloths, combs, nail clippers, soap, toothbrushes, band-aids)

b)       Emergency Clean-up Bucket (with such items as 5-gallon buckets with lids, scouring pads, sponges, scrub brushes, cleaning towels, laundry detergent, Lysol, dish soap, clothespins, dust masks, latex gloves, work gloves, heavy-duty trash bags, insect repellent, etc.)

c)       Pet Kits (with items for pet care)

d)       Non-perishable Food/Water (to be stored for emergencies; to be donated locally if not used, to keep from expiring)

2)       SHELTER – The team would explore the criteria for “officially” providing shelter in our church, with possible provisions being made during/after storms/fires/power outages in our basement/fellowship hall.  (HAVING FCC SERVE AS AMERICAN RED CROSS SHELTER APPROVED BY CHURCH BOARD/TRUSTEES and AMERICAN RED CROSS. AMERICAN RED CROSS PROVIDES LIABILITY INSURANCE & TRAINING.)

3)       COMMUNICATION – The team would communicate with the congregation and with the community about what is being offered and how to participate/donate.  At times of emergencies, the team would communicate with the Elders and ask them to contact their Care Groups, to determine emergency needs of members and availability to help. 

4)       COMMUNITY WORSHIP SERVICE – The church would offer a special worship service for the community in such time of crisis as an opportunity for healing and hope. 

5)       DISASTER RESPONSE TEAM FOR LOCAL EMERGENCIES – The team would coordinate volunteers’ efforts from our church to assist in the aftermath of local emergencies, including lighter tasks (such as handing out food/water, light clean-up) to heavier tasks (such as major clean-up, clearing, lifting, etc.). 

6)       COMMUNITY CENTER FOR EMERGENCY REPSONDERS – We could offer our church as a community center for emergency responders who might come from various locations.

7)       DISASTER RESPONSE MISSION TRIP – We discussed the possibility of coordinating a trip for emergency response in other areas at a later time, choosing first to focus on organizing kits and local efforts.

We also discussed PARTNERSHIPS in disaster response, including:

1)       Week of Compassion - Special Offerings in February and at time of disasters

2)       Church World Service - Kits

3)       Salvation Army

4)       American Red Cross

5)       RAMA/other churches (not organized for disaster response, but we could take the lead)

6)       EOC/Madison County Emergency Management Agency


Our Disaster Response Team of First Christian Church has chosen the Bucket Project to assist in disaster response for the many different kinds of disasters. These supplies donated through Church World Service enable people to begin the overwhelming job of cleaning up after a flood, hurricane, tornado, or other disasters throughout the United States. Note: Because of the volatility of the contents, Emergency Clean-up Kits are not shipped internationally.

Please check out the following “BUCKET LIST” and bring items to church, through the week of Vacation Bible School.  We will then have a PACKING PARTY of everyone who can come help after church/lunch on August 28th!

To assemble an Emergency Clean-up Bucket you will need:

Please provide all liquids in new, unopened plastic bottles. Be sure to send only new materials. Place all items in the plastic bucket, making sure they are packed securely to avoid damage during shipment, and seal lid with packing tape.

Funds for Processing/Shipping and Purchasing Kits

Clean-up Bucket value: $56
Processing/Shipping Cost: $3 per Bucket

Funds are needed to cover sorting, packing, and insurance, as well as shipping Kits to their final destination. Please give at least $3 for each Clean-up Bucket. Cash donations in lieu of assembled Kits also help us to provide much-needed supplies.

FCC will also need funds for shipping the buckets to Church World Service, as well as the $3/bucket they need to ship them to where they are needed per disaster.