Widows or Widowers (WOW)

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WOW 2011

Widows or Widowers

Each month, our WOW group meets for companionship with others who have the common bond of the loss of a spouse, whether recently or in past years.  This group is sponsored by First Christian Church and is open to the community.  WOW usually meets the first Tuesday of each month at 11:30, unless otherwise noted.  Transportation by bus is available and times for departure from the church vary, depending upon location of outing.  Pickup at McCready is also available.  Please call monthly to make reservations for the following events and please let us know if you want transportation from the church/McCready, or if you will meet us at the location, by contacting the church at 859-623-4383.  Guests are welcome.



March 19, 2013 Midway for lunch & shopping leave church - 10:00