Sharing God’s Gifts

Sharing God’s Gifts


Sign-up for Back-to-School Campfire Night for Families, Children, & Youth

  • Family members that will be in your vehicle space/ “social bubble”
    We miss you all! We are grateful for the opportunity to come together in this way, but in order to do so, we must make sure that everyone agrees to follow our safety practices. While many of you may have visited with one another during this time, or have different rules at different venues, in order to keep having events at First Christian, our Health team has put in place guidelines that we must follow, or we will not be able to have future activities. “I understand that, for the safety of my family and those around us, that I will follow the guidelines put forth by the FCC staff and volunteers, and agree that- “
    What is the best way for us to send you and your family updates on events and activities?

Felting & Fellowship Series 2- Fall Garland or 2-D Bookmark

Felting & Fellowship Series 3- 2-D Felted Christmas Ornament

Felting & Fellowship Series 4- Wet Felt Stocking or Felted Santa

Felting & Fellowship Series 5- Snowman or Penguin

Felting & Fellowship Series 6- Easter Eggs using mixed techniques