Outreach- Minister’s Assistance Program

Outreach- Minister’s Assistance Program

COVID-19 UPDATE: Due to the increasing needs in our community, fund availability is limited. As a result, we have limited the availability and scope of the program in accordance.

Assistance Program- Tuesdays from 1-2PM

We are currently able to offer Madison County Residents assistance with:

Utility Payments- We are able to assist as funds are available, with partial payment towards local utility bills for Madison County residents. You must provide a copy of the bill and a photo ID matching the name on the bill. Unfortunately, we are not able to make payments to landlords/rental property management companies that pay utilities on your behalf as part of the rental or tenants’ behalf. Assistance is limited to once per 12 months, and fund availability. Some restrictions may apply.

Assistance obtaining a new or updated Photo ID, or license reinstatement– Due to changes at the courthouse, we are currently only able to provide assistance if you have already contacted the courthouse and made arrangements/an appointment as needed, and have all necessary documentation in-hand to complete the transaction. Maximum of 2 per year.

Gasoline Assistance for Medical Appointments -Within 24 hours of a medical appointment, must have documentation of appointment. Gasoline assistance is limited to once per month, with a maximum number of times per year based on fund availability.

Meal Vouchers– For those in need of a meal, we are able to provide a limited meal voucher to a local establishment. Limitations apply.

For all other inquiries, please contact our church office at 859-623-4383

We work together with many other local churches and organizations to help individuals in many ways- if we are unable to offer assistance, we will try to direct you to other organizations in the area that may be able to provide help with your need. We are continually updating our database of information as programs change and develop- if you are a representative of such an organization and would like the services you provide to be noted in our resource guide, please email patrick@fccrichmond.com.

For additional resources or help with needs other than those we are currently working to provide, please refer to the link above for a comprehensive list of resources in Madison County!