Uncategorized Blog Update: Feb 25th, 2021

Blog Update: Feb 25th, 2021

 From the first day it was introduced to my sixth-grade class,  I was one of a minority of students who liked grammar. I ferret out a statement’s meaning by analyzing it. First Christian’s VISION statement includes five verb phrases, each of which deserves a moment of your time. In my first five blog posts, I’ll share what First Christian’s VISION statement means to me. 

As the people called First Christian Church, we aim to EMBRACE our community and the world with God’s love. “Hands-on!” We want to wrap our arms around Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky, and beyond. Not only do we mean this literally, but we mean for it to involve the entire membership of our church. 

Rev. Dr. Philip Miller- Interim Transitional Pastor, First Christian Richmond

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