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Overcoming the World Through the Hope of Christ

There are so many forces in this world which are outside of our control.  From viruses to pain to cancer, this world is a place where things fall apart.  Scientists call it entropy.  Christians call it sin.  We can all agree that things just sometimes stink. 

         Yet, when there is darkness, we can see light more clearly and fully.  Small acts of kindness stand out for the heroic acts that they are.  We appreciate the laughter and wonder of children in a new way.  We are more mindful of what we do have because we see the struggle around us.  

         God is good all the time.  During my darkest times, I have struggled with this idea.  Yet, I know that God says he has nothing to do with the bad. He has shared with us many Biblical images of separating the good from the bad, the light from the dark.  God is with us during the hard times.  God promises us peace, hope, and love.  Sometimes it does not come in the way that we expect it, for God’s ways are not our ways. 

         Yet, I believe it often comes just as we need it.  Like a loving parent, God is there for us to comfort us through the words of a friend, through acts like bears in windows, and through the love and fellowship of our Christian family.  God is like the light of a prism busting through the darkness in a radical way speaking to us in our own individualized way; his light cuts deep to the core of who we are designed to be.  And, he is there for us all the time.  In fact, he is waiting for us “like a bride waits for her groom” longing to connect with us because that’s how we are wired, how His Kingdom is designed, who we are meant to be.  

         You are not alone in this cosmos of chaos.  While this world is imperfect, a greater spiritual world exists and you don’t have to wait one minute to tap into its peace.  It’s not a magic pill that will cure you and deliver you from trouble.  We are still in the world, and we will struggle.  

         However, by leaning on God, we can gain perspective and experience the hope and fullness of connection with Christ and each other in a new and beautiful way.  This understanding, this love, this joy of being with each other and seeing good in life… this is the grace of God. 

         I pray that you are surrounded by grace and that you always know that your brothers and sisters of Christ are there to celebrate your joy and comfort you through difficult times.  The fellowship that I have found at F.C.C. is helping me to grow my faith and trust in God.  I lean into Christ whose power, peace, and wisdom are greater than this world.  

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have PEACE. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have OVERCOME the world.” John 16:33

Submitted by Kim Day, FCC

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