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Search Committee Late August Update


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As a child, we played “Party Line.”  The first person whispered something to the second person, who would then whisper to the next person, what he heard – or thought he heard.  By the time “the whisper” got to the last person, what he/she had heard bore little resemblance to the original sentence.  Recently, someone told me she heard the Search Committee was about to decide between two finalists.  I wish that were true, but it is not.  We are just gathering names to contact to see if they are interested in being a candidate for our position.

When I have initial conversations with possible candidates, I have a list of congregational positives that I mention.

  1.  We are the rare congregation that doesn’t have a family, individual, or group that makes all of the decisions.
  2. The vast majority of our members realize – and are willing – to do things differently so that we might survive and thrive.
  3. The vast majority of our members are ready to put personal preferences aside for the good of our congregation.
  4. We may be going through a difficult time – but we have always achieved everything we have attempted – and we will this time.
  5. We are a Disciples of Christ congregation – through and through – and recognize that we are not fundamentalists, evangelicals, independents, etc.  We believe that God calls women to service equally to men – and are not secondary Christians; that when science and faith disagree, we need to re-examine our faiths – God creates and science describes; the Bible was written by men – not God – who were expressing their love for God; and that God is not angry, looking for ways to exclude people from Divine Grace.
  6. Because God loves all people unconditionally, we are called to love and help all people – unconditionally.
  7. We believe in an educated clergy – and laity.
  8. We have an excellent facility.
  9. Our people are fortune and exceedingly generous.
  10. We are close to the advantages of Lexington, Louisville, and Cincinnati and yet, have the advantages of a wonderful small community – and a great university!
  11. Our congregation has found its greatest ministry in reaching out helping our local community.  
  12.  Richmond grew 33% between 2002 and 2018.

And the list goes on and on!


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